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Donate a Buck
$0.99 FREE! • Donate a dollar to Raptisoft! We'll use it to keep Keep going, and to work on the deluxe uber-version for Mac, iPad, and Windows!
Cold Magic
$0.99 FREE! • Get a new primary spell, two primary sub-spells, one secondary spell, and three new welds, based on cold magic!
Wizard Skins
$0.99 FREE! • Get three new skins for your wizard (does not change gameplay!)
Pimp My Cabinet
$0.99 FREE! • Get six extra Magic Cabinet slots to store items in!
Bribe Destiny
$1.99 FREE! • Add Bribe Destiny to your levelup screen, an ability that lets you choose the specific skill that you want, in exchange for gold!
Get Gold!
$0.99 FREE! • Immediately get 20,000 gold coins that you can use if you run out of in-game gold. (This gold acts as a reserve and is permanent, even if you start a new game).
Kill the Ads
$3.99 FREE! • Mercilessly removes ads from the game.
Generic Hack
Use Generic Hack
Use «Generic Hack» to hack every In-App-Purchase including game items that you can't buy ingame, hack tool will auto hack those. It works fine for 99.95% of all games.
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