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Unlock Parasite
$0.99 FREE! • Unlocks the parasite plague type
Unlock Virus
$0.99 FREE! • Unlocks the virus plague type
Unlock Fungus
$0.99 FREE! • Unlock the fungus plague type
Unlock Prion
$0.99 FREE! • Unlock the prion plague type
Unlock NanoVirus
$0.99 FREE! • Unlock the nano-virus plague type
Unlock Bio Weapon
$0.99 FREE! • Unlock the bio-weapon plague type
Unlock 7 Standard Plagues
$2.99 FREE! • Lets you unlock all 7 standard disease types
Unlock Cheats
$9.99 FREE! • Unlock the cheat modes
Neurax Worm Expansion Pack
$1.99 FREE! • Unleash a mind controlling brain parasite
Unlock All Genes
$7.99 FREE! • Unlocks all disease genes
Generic Hack
Use Generic Hack
Use «Generic Hack» to hack every In-App-Purchase including game items that you can't buy ingame, hack tool will auto hack those. It works fine for 99.95% of all games.
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