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PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze Hacks & Cheats — Online Generator

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Credit Boost
$0.99 FREE! • Temporarily boosts your credits to 12
Unlimited Credits
$4.99 FREE! • Unlocked unlimited credits - never run out again!
Coin Doubler
$4.99 FREE! • Coins earn double value when picked up, and special coins will also drop
Classic 80's Theme
$0.99 FREE! • Change the look of the maze to the classic 80's version of PAC-MAN
The Grid Theme
$0.99 FREE! • The Grid PAC-MAN 256 Theme
Welcome Pack
$0.99 FREE! • Special bundle including The Grid theme, Exclusive BEAM power-up & more
Robotz Theme
$0.99 FREE! • Can you beat the evil toy robots?
CEDX Theme
$0.99 FREE! • Inspired by the visuals in PAC-MAN Champion Edition DX
The Office Theme
$0.99 FREE! • Munch your way through the office, but watch our for those rogue chairs!
Go Karts Theme
$0.99 FREE! • Race your way through the go kart track, but watch our for the other karts!
Generic Hack
Use Generic Hack
Use «Generic Hack» to hack every In-App-Purchase including game items that you can't buy ingame, hack tool will auto hack those. It works fine for 99.95% of all games.
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