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Avatar Pack (Unlimited uses)
$0.99 FREE! • Allows the user to select from over 200+ skins to apply to their avatar
Designer Armor Pack / Minecraft PC Skins and Minecraft Pocket Edition Skins
$0.99 FREE! • Allows users to select from 5 different Minecraft armors to apply to their skin before uploading it to the Minecraft servers. This purchase works for skins and Minecraft Pocket Edition skins.
Creative Pack for PC and Pocket Edition Minecraft Skins (optional tools)
$0.99 FREE! • Unlocks an additional new creative tools.
Upload Friends Pack ( and Minecraft Pocket Edition)
$0.99 FREE! • Allows you to upload skins to multiple accounts! This works for (PC) skins and Minecraft Pocket Edition skins.
Generic Hack
Use Generic Hack
Use «Generic Hack» to hack every In-App-Purchase including game items that you can't buy ingame, hack tool will auto hack those. It works fine for 99.95% of all games.
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